PDF Conversion Software

LEADTOOLS ePrint is the most powerful and comprehensive PDF conversion software on the market with limitless possibilities. You can create PDF files from ANY application including Microsoft Word, Excel, Notepad, etc. It's as simple as opening the file and clicking print to save your output to PDF! However, converting your files to PDF is only the beginning because ePrint includes many advanced technologies no other print-to-file converter includes such as flexible PDF options, OCR, Editing and more.

Control PDF Output with Flexible Options

LEADTOOLS ePrint offers several flexible PDF options to give you complete control over your PDF output. These include:

  • PDF Font Embedding - Allows PDF documents to display specific fonts, even if they are not installed on other computers viewing the document. Embedding fonts increases PDF file size, so ePrint offers several options to customize how you embed your fonts to give you the best compression possible.

  • PDF Watermarks - Add watermarks to your resulting PDF files. You can create customized watermarks by simply typing the text you want to appear on your document, or choose from pre-defined watermarks such as "Confidential", "Approved", "Important", "Draft", and many more. Choose the font, color, size, whether you want fill or stroke, and more!

  • Different output versions - You can specify which version of PDF to use as output. LEADTOOLS ePrint supports versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

  • Compression Options - Helps you control the file size of your PDF output. Choose to compress text, images or both with the ability to control the image quality.

  • PDF Open Options - Control how Acrobat ReaderĀ® (or any other available PDF reader) will open the produced PDF files and specify their initial view.

  • PDF Security - Now you can produce protected PDF documents by using the security options ePrint provides. It applies encryption algorithms that prevent unauthorized access to your PDF.

  • URL detection - ePrint's URL Detection feature recognizes URLs like "www.ePrintDriver.com" in a PDF document and converts them to working links.

  • PDF Bookmarks - You can create bookmarks, which can be used to mark parts of your PDF for quick access. This is done by specifying a number of bookmark levels and applying unique fonts to each level. Supports 10 levels of bookmarks.

  • International Language Support - Print from any language including English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew to PDF without losing any text.

Convert to Searchable PDF with OCR

One of the most important features of PDF documents is the ability to search the text contained in the document. With ePrint, you can print to OCR to convert ANY document or image into a PDF with searchable text.

Additionally, searchable PDF documents created with ePrint can be saved with the Image Over Text option. With Image Over Text PDFs, the original image is placed in on top of the text layer which maintains the original look and formatting while still supporting text that can be searched, selected, copied and edited.

Edit PDF Files

There are many PDF reading applications available, but those that include editing capabilities come at a high cost. Not so With LEADTOOLS ePrint! You can easily and affordably edit PDF files using Microsoft Word using the steps below.

  1. Print the file to the ePrint printer and select the output format as a Word DOC file.
  2. Edit your now converted word document just as you would normally edit any other Word document.
  3. Print the file to the ePrint printer again, this time selecting PDF as the output format.
  4. Your new PDF file will reflect your changes from Microsoft Word as your PDF editor through this innovative adaptation of ePrint.

Collaborative PDF Features

PDF documents are used all over the world in a plethora of ways. It's no surprise then that PDF has become a major collaborative tool around the workplace and home. The ways in which you can use ePrint to enhance how you work with your colleagues and friends are limitless, but here are just a few: