Annotations and Markup

ePrint Professional's Workstation printer includes advanced document manipulation options giving you increased control over your converted documents. Now you can add custom annotation objects to your print job including highlighting, images, shapes, lines, text notation and even measurement annotations that can be used to measure items placed in the document.

Annotation Objects:

  • Freehand tool
  • Freehand highlight tool
  • Highlight tool
  • Line tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Ellipse tool
  • Pointer tool
  • Poly Line tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Curve tool
  • Closed Curve tool
  • Note tool
  • Text tool
  • Rich Text tool
  • Text Pointer tool
  • Picture
  • Stamp
  • Ruler tool
  • Poly Ruler tool
  • Cross Product tool
  • Protractor tool

ePrint's annotations work great when you need to add comments or make corrections to a document without disturbing the original content. For instance, if you are the editor of your company's newsletter, you can make revisions right on the document by highlighting changes, specifying which writer needs to make the change by adding custom text boxes, or apply stamps such as "approved", "assigned" or "rejected". When you're finished, you can even email the annotated document directly to your writers from within the ePrint Workstation!

Now you can convert your file, apply annotations to the printed document, email AND send to multiple printers using ePrint Professional!

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