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LEADTOOLS ePrint is an end-user product engineered by LEAD Technologies, the developer and publisher of the award winning imaging development toolkit LEADTOOLS. If you are a software developer, or are interested in more of what LEAD Technologies has to offer, take a look LEADTOOLS. Below is a brief list of some of the amazing Raster, Document, Medical and Multimedia imaging technologies you can use with LEADTOOLS.

  • OCR
  • Barcode
  • PDF
  • Forms Recognition
  • Annotation and Markup
  • HTML5
  • PACS
  • Medical 3D
  • 150+ Formats
  • Image Display
  • Image Processing
  • Scanning and Capture
  • MPEG2 Transport Stream
  • RTSP
  • DVR
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio / Video Codecs

Virtual Printer

In particular, the foundation of LEADTOOLS ePrint is its print-to-file conversion. This amazing technology is included with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK. Here are a few of the things you'll be able to do with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer:

  • Capture output from any application including Word, Excel and web browsers
  • Create searchable and editable output document formats including PDF, DOC, XPS and text
  • Save to over 150 output image formats including PDF
  • Redirect print jobs to email, disk, memory, database or SharePoint
  • Create a Print to PACS solution
  • Automate workflow by creating multiple task based virtual printers
  • Add to any single or multi-thread application
  • Share virtual printers over the network with support for Microsoft Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
  • Create dynamic printer server and client applications